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Creating user-friendly, engaging and well ranking websites definitely doesn’t happen by accident. To ‘bee found online’; your website requires thorough planning, intuitive design and regular maintenance. That is why our web design services for small businesses and eCommerce companies are different; we follow these three basic steps to ensure your website meets your online goals.

Planning your Website Thoroughly with WebHummel

Thorough Planning

Our first step to building your perfect website is to understand your business, your audience and what you want to achieve with a new website.

Knowing your marketplace and competition are two key factors to ensuring your website performs as you want it to. A single page website with some basic local SEO may be suitable if you are a small business taking your first steps into the digital world. For a national business, you may need more than a beautiful website to ‘bee found online’. Employing various digital marketing services may be required to compete with established online businesses.

If you are looking to compete at a national or international level; audit and analysis of your competition and your keywords is important. With this extensive yet inexpensive research we can get the visibility and results for your budget.

Intuitive Design & Regular Maintenance

WebHummel design and develop websites with the user in mind. User experience drives the web and creating attractive and engaging websites will naturally improve your new website’s visibility. Akin to user experience is the ease of which a search engine can evaluate your website. WebHummel works with search engines to ensure every website we build will be crawled and indexed by search engines’ bots.

We work solely with opensource software such as WordPress, WooCommerce or Shopify to meet your website’s requirements. Our themed websites are eye-catching, fast and mobile-responsive. There’s no bespoke (and expensive) content management here. With a website from WebHummel you can choose who you wish to edit, improve and update your site at any time.

It is not uncommon for a business to buy a website and as performance slips, the site gets forgotten about. Does that sound familiar?

Websites need ongoing work to adapt to an ever-changing online environment. Every new website we build is linked to Google Analytics which allows you to monitor and continuously improve your website.

Intuitive Web Design & Regular Maintenance from WebHummel
Websites for Small Businesses from WebHummel

Websites for Small Businesses

As an SME ourselves, we understand better than anyone what makes a small business tick. With a bit of time to research you could build and market your own website. But as a small business owner, time is one thing you have in short supply. We research and design your website and digital strategy for you. This ensures performance and visibility to meet your budget.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small retailer looking into the possibilities of online trade or a seasoned eCommerce veteran. WebHummel can tailor a service for you.

When creating your eCommerce web design; size, payment gateways, product management and integration other software are all key factors. Don’t forget that creating a beautiful and easy-to-navigate shop with great content is only half the job. You still need to get your new online shop in front of a relevant audience. This requires a digital marketing strategy tailored for your product and audience. Consider the design and ongoing costs of an online shop when budgeting.

We’d love to discuss your next project with you so get in touch and let’s create something great, together!

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