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Is your click-through-rate (CTR) high and conversion rate low? Or, do you simply not have the time or expertise to manage your pay-per-click campaigns?

Save Money On Clicks with PPC Management from WebHummel

Save Money on Your Clicks

Many small businesses manage their own PPC advertising campaigns and bid high amounts to get clicks. Here’s the catch; those clicks cost money and spending more doesn’t guarantee any return on investment. That’s where PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management services from WebHummel can help. Through keyword research and competitor analysis, we work to create engaging and relatable content tailored to your target audience.

PPC advertising is a form of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). It gives your business the opportunity to appear in front of your target audience above organic search results, on relevant websites and on social media. The main benefit of PPC is that any website new or old and regardless of online presence, has the opportunity to be visible alongside industry leaders.

AdWords and Bing Ads

Most search engines display paid-for advertising at the top of their search results. Google dominates the market but Bing accounts for 20% of UK searches so shouldn’t be overlooked. WebHummel works as both, a Bing Ads and an AdWords management company to ensure you get the most value for your PPC budget.

Choosing Your Keywords

Researching your keywords for volume, competitiveness and relevance is the first and most important step to a successful PPC campaign.

Let’s say you are a local classic car garage specialising in Ford Mustangs and want to use PPC to get your business in front of potential clients. Adverts that appear for searches like “classic cars” or “ford mustang” may have a high search volume but only a few searchers will be potential buyers. Your advertising cost will be high, and your conversion rate will be low. By creating adverts and landing pages targeting “classic ford mustang for sale” you will be visible to a smaller audience. But, that audience is more likely to buy your product and you will get a much better ROI (return on investment).

Adwords & Bing Ads with WebHummel
Display Advertising with WebHummel

Display Advertising

Have you ever searched for a product only to find advertisement videos, photos and text appear on almost every website you visit?

This is an example of display advertising, which you can use to find new clients or re-target clients that may have left your site with a full basket. It is incredibly powerful and done well, it can get some great conversion rates.

Creating an enticing display advert and offering it to the right audience will send traffic to your website. But this isn’t where WebHummel’s Pay-Per-Click management services end; our content team will also create a corresponding landing page to ensure your ad gets the best results.

Suitable Landing Pages for Your Adverts

A well written advert will get clicks but if it doesn’t send the user straight to exactly the page they want to see, they will leave. You’ve not only wasted money on the click, but you’ve also made it more difficult (and expensive) to bid for that ad space in the future.

Search engines compare your advert content to the landing page content and score its relevance. They then multiply your score by your bid to determine your position. If you have a quality score of 3/10 and a bid of 10p per click (score of 30), you will appear below an advert with a better score of 7/10 and a bid of 5p per click (score of 35). Targeted landing pages are essential for managing the costs off PPC advertisements and getting the best ROI possible.

Suitable Landing Paged with WebHummel

Create Your PPC Strategy With WebHummel

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