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Creating a marketing strategy to reach a German audience can be tricky. The language barrier can cause miscommunication between you and an agency in Germany or your target audience. Our German SEO services and PPC management are a little different. We are UK-based with native German speaking marketing experts. We create content from scratch to reach and engage with your target audience.

Don't Just Translate!

Don’t simply translate!

We’ve all been on holiday and had a chuckle at signs that have been poorly translated into English. Often, they’re translated literally and exactly, and it sounds a little silly to a native speaker. For example, In German “Schlafzimmer” means “bedroom”. If you speak to a German in English, they may often refer to it as a “sleep room”.

When communicating with someone outside our or their native tongue, we accept these slip ups and often find them amusing and endearing. This is a single word; we’ve not even got sentence structure and grammar. An audience often sees these mistakes as unprofessional and it could hinder your website achieving its goals.

The German language is complicated

Anyone that has tried to learn German will appreciate how difficult it is. They will also realise that there is a huge difference between fluent and native speakers. Having a native speaker write your content is a must. They will choose the correct formal/informal vocabulary as well as the correct case that even fluent speakers often get wrong.

Optimised Content from an Actual German!

Our German SEO services and German PPC management services are created and managed by our co-founder and marketing specialist, Anna. Anna has been in the UK for 4 years and is originally from Bonn. She’s gathered a wealth of experience from working in a marketing agency as well as from working for large multi-nationals such as DHL.

We will research keywords to ensure we improve your German SEO and PPC campaigns with relevant and engaging content for your target audience.

German isn't so Complicated with WebHummel
German Language and the Internet from WebHummel

German Language and the Internet

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