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why your website isnt ranking
4-5 MIN READ. It’s fair to say that most people don’t know a great deal about the workings of websites and search engines. They turn to the closest boffin they can find when their website isn’t performing; usually a web designer or “The IT guy”. This results in many SME owners being misinformed about what...
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6-7 MIN READ. Almost 80 % of marketers find content marketing effective for their brand! (*1) This article explains digital content marketing for small businesses and shows you four of the main benefits. Nowadays, everyone who owns a business or has anything to do with online marketing can’t get around talking about content marketing as...
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E-Commerce For Small Business
5-6 MIN READ. Both B2B & B2C businesses are facing continued challenges as the UK high street continues to struggle. More and more traditional “bricks-and-mortar” business owners are starting to look at their business model and ask themselves “why sell online?”. Contents: – Reasons Why Small Business Should Sell Online: Sell More!Be Where Your New...
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6-7 MIN READ. We’ve put together a few tips for local businesses in this online marketing guide to help your business! Many local small business owners see the internet as a bit of a daunting prospect. They see large businesses using it to gain more market share and take business away from them. Even if...
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6-7 MIN READ. This blog post will give you a run through of the benefits of blogging and a company blog and an answer to the question ‘why write a blog?’. Blogging is a form of digital content marketing and can be a great way to get known online. Contents: What is a blog?Why write...
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Is having a mobile friendly website important?
4-5 MIN READ. Is my website mobile friendly and if not how to make my website mobile friendly? Mobile devices have come a long way since we played snake on our Nokia 3310’s “back in the day”. They’re now defining how we use the internet and even how we live our lives. Since mobile internet...
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Frames for optimised images post
This how-to guide shows you how to optimise images for your WordPress website for FREE! Page load speed is important and having a slow site can hurt your ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). Regardless of the theme you are using; most of us will find that media is the heaviest content on your...
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are business directories useful?
3-4 MIN READ. How citations can help your local SEO: The definitive list of free UK local business directories It’s 1999 and the world population has just surpassed 6 billion, the millennium dome has just opened and the new issue of the Yellow Pages has just been dumped on your doorstep. It’s amazing to see...
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facebook vs business website
4-6 MIN READ. Can a Facebook Page Replace a Business Website in 2019? Facebook has become a bit of a global phenomenon since its inception in 2004. Users across social media platforms continue to grow in 2019 and most people visit Facebook daily. But, how effective is a Facebook page vs a website? You might...
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